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VK 75.01 Tier 8 Premium German Heavy – ‘The Alphamännchen’

POSTED BY Nikita August 21, 2019

Now I know that most of you are getting a little tired of the almost weekly release of premium tanks, WG grabbing for every penny that they can – but seriously, get your wallet out and buy one of these, the basic package is only £25 and comes with a 100% crew!!

I’m not normally a fan of rear-turreted vehicles and the whole side-scraping thing – to be fair, I’m not very good at it – but I will make an exception for this vehicle because it’s AWESOME!

Not only does this tank look great, the stats also make it a formidable opponent on the battlefield.  Its armour is very impressive – turret 250/100/80, hull 180/100/80, which makes using it in the correct way almost easy, even for players like me!  You can pull up to the edge of cover and angle your VK 75.01 to get great results in relative safety.  Even the side armour helps to ding some of the lower tier/calibre opponents that you may meet.

I have to say that the VK 75.01 actually makes you feel brave – you’ll be taking up front line positions in this one without even thinking about it – and making a proper contribution to the team effort – thus avoiding comments from your teammates such as ‘noob’ or ‘bot’ or any of the more colourful variations that occasionally get used!!

Once you’ve taken up your firing position, it’s time to let loose the beast that is the 12.8cm Kw.K L/61K gun that the VK 75.01 uses.  This thing will certainly leave a mark – and a huge, gaping wound were your enemies hit points used to be!  This is the hardest hitting tier 8 gun in the game with an alpha damage of 490hp and base DPM of 1652.  Penetration of standard rounds is good (226mm), premium rounds are obviously better (263mm) and to be honest, you’re looking to make a game changing impact in the machine, so you’re best to pack a few of the ‘special’ shells to help you do that.

Mobility is actually quite good for a vehicle of this size, 30kph/15kph, so you can move between cover fairly well – although you won’t be outrunning those pesky wheeled demons and the other light tanks will still have a field day doing laps around you, pecking at your hit points!!  It’s a heavy tank for goodness sake, what did you expect!  Turret traverse is pretty good though, 22deg/sec, so you may just be able to rotate turret and chassis (also 22deg/sec) together to keep up with some lesser skilled light tank drivers!

All the other stats like radio range and spotting are pretty average (radio 710mtr, view 380mtr) for this tier and type of tank, but let’s face it, you’re hardly likely to be sat at the back sniping and waiting for things to be spotted – you’ll be in the thick of battle from the start of the game!!  This really is a frontline vehicle and it feels lost anywhere else on the map.  (All of the stats shown above are base ones and will improve with modules & crew skills)

I’ve enjoyed playing this one since it hit my garage – for me, this is what my Löwe felt like when it first came into the game – the big, brutish ‘Alpha Male’ on the battlefield. However, move over Löwe, there’s a new ‘Alphamännchen’ in town – the VK 75.01!

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