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Turtle Mk 1 – Is this just a Tortoise in a wetsuit??

POSTED BY Nikita October 29, 2019

Now unlike some folks, I’ve never been a fan of the fixed British TD’s – I know the slogan used for this one was, ‘slow and steady’ – but this one is so slow, each game seems to take 30 minutes rather than 15 – and if you’re not in a position to support fairly quickly, you’ll completely miss the action all together!

However, this one has many redeeming features that made me sit up and take notice.  Firstly, that gun – it’s a relatively small calibre with poor penetration and low average damage – but boy, does it fire fast! With almost double the rate of fire of most of it’s piers, this thing can (when it penetrates) throw out a whopping 16,500 potential damage – that’s a DPM of around 3130!  You might have to throw some ‘special rounds’ in there to get the penetration – but hells bells – this thing rains fire on its opponents!

Aim time, dispersion and gun depression are also class leaders – so once you get settled in your ‘supporting position’ you can certainly cause havoc with any enemy vehicles that wander into your line of fire!

Mobility – hmmm, I touched on this earlier – you ain’t going nowhere fast in this time.  Once you’ve arrived at your destination, best off getting out the picnic basket and opening the pear wine – because you really aren’t going to want to have to move – it’s likely that even the biggest, slowest enemy heavy tanks can go fast than you, so running away simply isn’t an option!  Top speed is 20 – and with poor terrain resistance, you aren’t even reaching your top speed quickly.

But all is not lost – because this TD is a little like a mobile bunker! With class leading hull and track armour and a very generous hit point pool of 1400, this thing can take a beating – get your angles right and it’s ‘ding dong merrily on high’ for the whole game!

View range is pretty good for this type of TD – but the radio range is very, very bad – not sure what the Brits where thinking when they designed the radio for this one – perhaps being able to get Capital FM was more of a priority than getting in touch with your battlefield buddies!  You certainly won’t be scouting in this TD – and if you do end up (some how!) in front of your teammates, don’t worry – no one will hear your screams from the frontlines!!

I like this TD – it’s a fun addition to the line and whilst not my favourite TD type, it’s great to watch the enemy tanks try to run away as you pepper them with what seems like a very high calibre machine gun!!  It’s a yes from me on this one!

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