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TL-1 LPC – WarGaming’s latest ‘Offspring’!

POSTED BY Nikita October 29, 2019

I’m a sucker for American medium tanks – and this one is no exception.  If you take away the awful (and in my opinion ‘forced and unfunny’) crew voices along with the ‘band stand’ 3D skin, it brings this tank back to reality with a thud!  The 3D styling is okay for a while, but really serves no purpose after the first few games.

This tank has a few good points that really make it worth while considering as an addition to your garage.  Firstly the gun – while it’s only a 90mm, the average damage is higher than most of its piers – so taking into account the rate of fire, 280 average damage and the slightly slower reload time, it’s potential damage is actually one of the highest for a Tier 8 medium.  It also has very reasonable gun handling with the accuracy on the move being above average for this type of tank.

It’s also very nimble, with a very good power to weight ratio of 18.01 and very good turret and tank traverse speeds.  This thing is certainly lively for a big tank and has a top speed of 50 – which seems to be in line with other mediums of this size and tier.

With its armour being in the ‘average’ category – you would reasonably expect to be able to brawl with other Tier 8 tanks – however, should you see 9 or 10’s, then you’ll be looking for a more comfortable ‘sniping’ position – although this tank favours brawling, as do a few of the other American mediums – and in fairness, it’s my favourite way to play them.

View and radio ranges are both good and can be boosted further with modules – so consider this tank for the medium range information relay point between your scouts and the heavies or TD’s bringing up the rear. 

For me, this is one of those tanks that sits nicely at Tier 8 – it’s certainly great if you get those lower tier matches – but starts to lose its place at Tiers 9 & 10 – where, like a lot of other premiums, it just can’t handle the ‘special shell’ spam that happens at those higher tiers. Would I recommend this tank – yeah, why not! It’s a fun one to play, fits nicely into it’s role as a brawling American medium and is a bit of fun with the 3D model and [awful] band voices – yeah, seriously guys, we’re trying to keep it PC in a game that’s basically blowing stuff up and killing each other!!

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