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The IS-2 ‘Shielded’ – ‘You can do it if you IS-2 it’ – Tank DIY for the beginner!

POSTED BY Nikita May 4, 2020

So, we all like free stuff right? Well this ‘new’ Tier 7 Russian premium tank is free once you’ve worked you’re way through the Berlin PvE ‘experience’ (Player versus Environment or BOTS) – but I really think that the team at WarGaming have taken the extremely lazy route with this one and just made it up out of things they had lying around the office. 

Take one IS-2, visit local hardware store to purchase ‘items’ such as wire mesh and sticky tape, take one set of confusing instructions and assemble in the office.  Da dah – there you have it – the IS-2 ‘Shielded’! (To be honest, I think you can see in the image below some of the items left on the garage table. I think even that the Cat & Dog may have designed this one!!)

This really must have taken the folks in the ‘skin’ office literally moments to put together – it is an IS-2 with half a dozen bits of welded mesh bolted to the turret and front of the tank.  That, my friends, is it – you get a few extra barrels, a spare wheel and a roll of canvas – but apart from that, it’s just mesh screens.

There is no mention of whether the mesh works as ‘spaced armour’ to deflect HE or HEAT shells (but we are assuming it does?) and all of the stats are almost the same as the regular IS-2 – so no need for armour diagrams or anything fancy this time around. 

They’ve tweaked the gun handling slightly (when moving) – so that gets a little buff over the regular IS-2’s but taken away 4kph from top speed, 50 hit points, 10mtrs of view range and played around with the terrain resistances a tiny bit – I guess just because it’s a premium and it has to be ‘worse’ in some way than the original.

Do you want this tank – yes, just because it’s free.  Should you buy this tank if it ends up in the shop – certainly not. Unless that is you are an avid collector of all World of Tanks premium tanks – or, if it ends up as a skin for around £3.50!!  This is a really poor effort at hoofing another premium tank into the game and in my opinion, a very poor prize for the Berlin PvE missions.

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