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  • Average Battles 24943
  • Average Victories 51.45%
  • Clan Rating 7956
  • Country Europe
  • Year founded 18.04.2011
First In, Last Out - Dedicated, multinational group of gamers enjoying the fun side of World of Tanks. We don't take ourselves all too seriously and for us, while we like the competitive side of the game, it's more about having a laugh and playing with Clan mates and friends. This goes for all the FILO clans in our bigger community.

If you're a fan of one of our streamers channels or Community Contributors and would just like to be a part of the FILO Community, please apply to join FILO-2

Check out the clan on the World of Tanks Website:


Nikita - FILO Community Founder

WG EU Community Contributor


Do you have what it takes to be a good Field Commander?!  The skill, the attitude and the abillity to train a bunch of online players? Herding kittens is a preferred skill!

•  Motivation - why do you want to join the FILO Community?

•  Need at least two tanks for tier 6, tier 8 and tier 10 battles

•  Access to Teamspeak 3 is required, not optional! (Please click the 'V' at the top of the homepage for a link and instructions on how to set it up)

•  50%+ overall winrate

Featured Members

  • Slimez40K

    Commanding Officer & Streamer
    • Simon
    • W
    • Slimez40K
    • Commanding Officer & Streamer
  • SwedishLadyC

    Streamer & EU:CC
    • Christine
    • B
    • SwedishLadyC
    • Streamer & EU:CC
  • Mango1971

    • Allan
    • E
    • Mango1971
    • Streamer
  • Jostiewagner

    • Maarten
    • vV
    • Jostiewagner
    • Recruiter
  • Fearnowt

    • Simon
    • G
    • Fearnowt
    • Merchandise