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  • Average Battles 10721
  • Average Victories 50.17%
  • Clan Rating 5022
  • Country United States
  • Year founded 05.02.2016
FILO also has a great presence on the NA servers with FILO-X and FILO-1. A lot of our friends are over in the US so we thought it would be a great idea to set up shop over there too!

Having the clan in the trusty hands of Drifter316 and now also with Joebelle and FILO-1, we think we've pretty much cracked it!  We're also super proud (and to be honest, feel damn special!) to have Sofilein as part of the community!

Check out both clans on the World of Tanks website:


Nikita - FILO Community Founder

WG EU Community Contributor

Featured Members

  • Sofilein

    WoT NA Community Contributor
    • Sofi
    • L
    • Sofilein
    • WoT NA Community Contributor
  • Drifter316

    Commanding Officer & Streamer
    • Dave
    • W
    • Drifter316
    • Commanding Officer & Streamer
  • Joebelle

    FILO-1 NA Commander
    • Joiada
    • B
    • Joebelle
    • FILO-1 NA Commander
  • SamIAmPHX

    FILO-X NA Field Commander
    • Sam
    • S
    • SamIAmPHX
    • FILO-X NA Field Commander
  • GrindlerGaming

    • Elisabetha
    • M
    • GrindlerGaming
    • Streamer