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T78 – The T67’s Big Brother!

POSTED BY Nikita August 3, 2019

This thing is like a grown-up version of the T67 – although its baby brother has it straight on beaten in terms of the fun factor and quality of play (in my opinion anyway!).

So we get a T37/Chaffee mixed with a Hellcat/Wolverine/Achilles – okay, it’s not quick off the mark and the top speed is average at 55kph but when you get where you’re going, it’s pretty easy to hide and the 90mm M3 gun has a lot of potential – with a sub 8 sec reload and 240 average damage with standard ammo.

Armour, as with all these TD’s is almost non-existent at 25.4mm and with an open top, you’re begging to catch arty rounds if there are plenty about – which there tends to be these days!

I’ve found this TD to be a great asset if you can get yourself in an ‘arty safe’ spot and snipe from the rear – you can do this almost unhindered if your team is playing well – but as soon as you’re spotted – be prepared to run or die – it’s a pretty simple choice.

At it’s own tier (6) it’s a bit of a beast – with 160mm standard pen and 221mm with the HVAP premium ammo, there aren’t a lot of your brethren that can deny you entry – the increased shell velocity is also a huge boost for hitting those pesky moving targets – up from 853m/s to 1066m/s – a significant increase – but then I guess that’s why it’s called, ‘High Velocity Armour Piercing’!

Your 600 hit points won’t last long in a head-to-head fire fight – especially with the terrible armour – but stay hidden and in cover and those 240 hit point shots will eat away at your Tier 6 opponents very quickly.  Get above your tier though and you start to see how these TD’s drop in effectiveness – especially when you get into tier 8 battles.  Those high tier arty players love to dump a big old shell into those squishy, open topped TD’s!I like this tank – I think you will too – just don’t expect a Wolverine with Adamantium claws – you’ll be sadly disappointed!

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