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T26E3 Eagle 7 – Tier 7 US Premium Medium Tank

POSTED BY Nikita August 21, 2018

Well, I know we’ve had a few new tanks since my last review, but this one I really wanted to do!

The T26E3 Eagle 7 is a new Premium tier 7 American medium tank. For a start, I think tier 7 really needs some love – I guess it’s a little like tier 9 – not really used for any of the in-game events and something most of us just have to grind through to get to tiers 8 or 10 – where the real fun happens!

Both tier 9 and 10 American mediums are great, the Patton 46 is an excellent all-rounder and the M48A1 Patton is actually one of my favourites in the game – a proper up close and personal ‘scrapper’ – takes a beating and still comes back for more! You also have the M46 Patton KR as a tier 8 premium – I have it but don’t really play it a lot as there are far better tier 8 premiums out there.

However, be prepared to be wowed by this new tier 7 premium! I would say it was like the M48A1 but at tier 7 – to be honest though, it’s a little more like a ‘stocky’ smaller version of the tier 8 T32 heavy tank. With 1200 hit points and relatively bouncy turret armour (101/76/76) this tank is quite a beast hull down against most other tier 7’s and some tier 8’s – however, don’t expect to last too long against any tier 9 tanks. Some of the larger calibre guns at T8 and T9 go straight through the gun mantlet, even using standard ammo!

The 90mm M3E gun has a decent rate of fire for this tier – 8.25secs stock (I have it down to 7.10 with Brothers in Arms, vents and gun rammer) and gun penetration values with both standard (172mm) and premium (207mm) ammunition. DPM ranges from 1746 stock and I have it up to 2028 with the addons mentioned before and a reasonable average damage of 240hp.– not too shabby for a tier 7 medium. The gun also has a very decent -10 degrees of depression, helping with those hull-down positions.

I have to say that the only issue with this new tank is the power of the engine – while is boasts a top speed of 48 – you’re only likely to see that going downhill – it’s quite slow to accelerate and spends most of the game chugging around at 30-35kph – which is okay for general manoeuvres I guess.

The one thing this tank does do (as long as it doesn’t change before they release it!) is grind credits and XP extremely well – and if you add in some boosts, you’re laughing all the way to the bank, even on a half decent loss! You don’t really need premium ammunition unless you get thrown into a T9 battle and at T7 & T8, the standard stuff should see you okay for decent average damage. As long as you’re doing more than your HP’s worth of damage, you should see a positive credit balance at the end of each game (repairs and consumables allowing of course!).

I know that this is ‘another’ premium vehicle and you’ll probably hate me for saying this – but as one of few tier 7 premiums, it is definitely one you want in your collection – even over and above some of the tier 8 ones. To be perfectly honest, if I had to choose between this and the 50TP – I’d pick this. You’re getting a slightly easier, less loved tier 7 tank with more opportunities to do well in it and you won’t be seeing those pesky tier 10’s either! Tier 9’s will cause you problems – but hopefully, if your team is up to the task and you get to play this as a ‘second line’ tank rather than up front, you’ll be making XP and credits from your very first game.

I love this little tank, it’s my new ‘go-to’ tier 7 ‘scrapper’ – I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have while getting to know it during the last few weeks.

See you on the battlefield folks!

Founder of the FILO Community & WG WoT EU CC


  • Great review Nikita! Myself, Grinne (Grindlergaming) and WWZed all got one on the EU server yesterday. It is exactly how you explained it. It’s a great T7 med tank that prints credits. It is a little slow but it’s good on ridges. Definitely worth the money! We had a blast playing these in platoons. Thanks for the awesome review!

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