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Sokda T-27 – Simply Skoda? Simply Awful!

POSTED BY Nikita August 7, 2019

Okay, so this is ‘Simply Skoda’ at it’s worst.  If WarGaming where making the RS version of one of the already in game Skoda vehicles, then maybe, with its reasonable traverse speeds and good ground resistance values, it could be a winner – but in every other way, it’s a pretty meh loser.

For a start, there’s the DPM – it’s at least 200-300 points lower than almost every other Tier 8 vehicle, premium or otherwise – with its very mediocre 240 alpha – but then it’s only an 88-calibre at Tier 8 – when most other tanks top guns at this tier are at least 100mm. The DPM on Super Test was around 1950 but for ‘reasons’ it was reduce to just over 1630 – which can be boosted to nearly 1750 with BIA, vents & Buchty.  Of course, you can’t have a gun rammer as this one is an autoloader.  If you take the TVP VTU for example and put the same modules on it, the DPM for that (as you can use a rammer) is just over 2200. Even without the modules, the TVP VTU’s base DPM is 1820!  If you look at the Panther mit 8.8 – another Tier 8 Premium with an 88-calibre gun, it’s base DPM is nearly 2200 rising to over 2600 with modules!! Why is this Czech 88 autolaoder so absolutely rubbish??

The single, most noticeable benefit (and I use the term loosely) to this gun is the cost of the standard shells.  But you’ll end up using more premium rounds because the standard penetration values (202) are appalling – ding, ding, ding!!

Gun handling is also pretty poor – but, if you’re looking for positives, the dispersion after firing is quite low, one of the lowest for Tier 8 mediums at 2.88.  There is nothing else really positive to say about the gun or firepower of this tank – it has a poor 88 mounted on a Tier 8 Premium tank that just can’t keep up with its own tier, let alone the Tier 9 or 10 tanks it will certainly face. 

The one possible redeeming feature for this tank could be its armour.  Compared to a few other Tier 8 medium tanks, it’s not bad, with 65/40/40 for the hull and 100/100/100 for the turret – which is actually, pretty impressive.  Get it hull down and you can ding all of your ammo loadout off your enemies with a reasonable chance of surviving at least a few hits from Tier 6, 7 and 8 vehicles – as long as they don’t shoot premium ammo at you – which you will, of course, have to be shooting at them!  However, to ‘balance’ this armour advantage out, they’ve taken away some of your hit point pool – which was reduced from the original Super Test value of 1450 to 1350 – because reasons!

I’m trying hard to find some more positives for this tank – the engine is pretty durable with only a 12% chance of catching fire and the radio range is good at 850 – so maybe you can save some credits on fire extinguishers and use fuel or rations to boost some of the other appalling stats in this tank?

All-in-all, this is a pretty poor effort on WG’s behalf to come up with a Premium vehicle for the Czech line. If you’re a collector, you’ll probably want to get one – but if you’re just a normal player looking for something to spend your pocket money on – just no – don’t do it – not unless it’s £15-£20.  However, knowing WG – it’s a Tier 8 Premium – so it’s likely to be £35 minimum with packages up to £90 – NO NO NO!  Buy the Panther mit 8.8 L71 instead if you want a Premium Tier 8 medium tank with an 88-calibre gun, it has better everything apart from mobility!

This vehicle will find it hard to hold its own in Tier 6/7/8 games and with currently matchmaking it’s likely to find itself in a lot of Tier 8/9/10 matches.  With its pathetic gun, low HP pool, long clip reload time and lots of other awful soft stats, you simply won’t have any fun in it.  In my opinion, this is one to avoid. 

‘Simply Skoda? Simply Awful!’


  • Awesome review, cheers Niki.
    Hopefully they run this as a mission marathon then it may be worth trying for. 🙂
    Thanks again for the review!

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