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Seeing less of Nikita in future streams!

POSTED BY Nikita July 15, 2018

As you know, keeping fit and gaming aren’t two things that normally go well together. Some of you will be very disciplined – you’ll go off to the gym in the morning or play sports or just have an active job. You’ll also have a healthy diet, watch what you eat or just have a good metabolism.

Unfortunately, I’m lacking in most of those areas! I don’t have a very active job, don’t exercise (much) and while I do enjoy swimming and badminton, don’t do either because I’m so unfit! I’m also the heaviest I’ve ever been – weighing in on the 9th of July (after buying new scales that didn’t say ‘ouch’ when I got on!) at a whapping 366lbs! (166kg or 26st) Whilst I don’t eat excessively, I quite obviously do eat the wrong stuff and find it far easier to put weight on than lose it!

So, having talked with various people and knowing that my good friend SaltyJedi already does his #fit4wot – I asked him about helping me with a #fit4filo. Seemed like an obvious place to start and for me, losing some initial weight is the first goal. Then, working on increasing my fitness and getting into some sort of shape will be next.

Keep your eyes peeled for weekly updates through my streams as I try my best to reach the goal of getting to 18st / 114kg or 250lbs. Thanks in advance for any support or words of encouragement!