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Panhard EBR-75 FL-10 – ‘Wacky Races meets World of Tanks!’

POSTED BY Nikita December 19, 2018

Okay, now this is going to be a somewhat over enthusiastic review – so [before] those of you who will criticise me for being a ‘yes man’ and someone ‘just looking for a promotion’ get going, here is fair warning!

So, this is the first true iteration of a wheeled vehicle in the game (except for the little WW1 thing in the 100 years Op) and I have to say, I love it!  Even though this is a scout, an ‘active’ scout at that and really doesn’t suit my gameplay style – it’s just so much fun and constantly puts a smile on my face, even when I die quickly (which is most of the time!).

I’ve even suggested to WarGaming that they pay Jeremy Clarkson to do a review of this tank, so we can hear him giving it the ‘Grand Tour’ (or old Top Gear) treatment – I’m sure that would be hilarious!

In terms of what to actually do with this vehicle – I guess the idea is to break through enemy lines and cause havoc. This vehicle is particularly good at countering artillery – something I’m sure arty players will hate – but the rest of us have been asking for. With it’s huge turn of pace, new ‘lock on’ version of auto-aim, extremely fast turning turret (nearly 74°sec) and surprisingly accurate (0.34 dispersion) [on the move] gun, even the 2-shot autoloader doesn’t really handicap it.

Be careful though, this tank is as blind as a bat! Even with all the added modules and perks it still struggles to get to a view range of 400mtrs! However, you can get the signal range up to just short of 1000mtrs, so you really have to exploit its speed and radio range to get the information on the enemies you find back to your team mates. 

Wait for a minute to check out the positioning of your team and any enemies that are spotted, plan your root and engage the awesome ‘turbo’ mode using ‘launch control’.  Simply hold on the brake, engage ‘turbo’ mode with the ‘X’ key and throttle up – once the boost meter is full, release the brake and go hurtling to 80kph in just a few seconds!  You’ll also need to note that this thing goes exactly the same speed backwards as it does forwards – so if you can’t turn around to get out of a situation, just hit the ‘S’ key rather than ‘W’ and run away backwards!!

Once you’ve spotted your prey, aim in the general direction and hit the auto-aim and you’re locked on – then you can either do a series of fast drive-by shootings or switch back to normal ‘cruise mode’ and circle your target so quickly (around 60kph without really losing speed during turns), they have no option but to try and shoot you on the way past their gun – the second or third time you go around!!

The 75mm gun is very accurate but doesn’t do a lot of damage (175) – so you’ll need 3-shots to kill most higher tier SPG’s but you should easily be able to out turn and certainly out run any of the bigger, slower vehicles.  (with vents the gun has a DPM of nearly 1850 and standard ammo pen of 180mm with 220mm on the slower HEAT ‘special rounds’)

Other scouts will chase you down – but none can really keep up when you’re in ‘turbo’ mode – just make sure you dodge and weave – driving in a straight line will always get you dead very quickly as this tank has very little armour (40/20/20 turret, 40/16/40 hull).  You can also get ‘blow outs’ on your tyres, which is the equivalent of getting tracked in other tanks.  When this happens, you hear the hiss of a blown tyre, your wheels wobble like they are drunk and you lose almost all of your speed! Make sure you get the repair skill on this tank because when it’s stationery, it’s probably going to die!

All in all, this thing is a huge amount of fun to play.  I was fortune enough to get some rental codes to give away during recent streams and I have to say that everyone who has won one has had a blast playing this vehicle.  It’s one of those tanks that constantly puts a smile on your face whether you’re just ‘razzing around’ in it like Penelope Pitstop in Wacky Races (TM) or actually trying to play it seriously. 

You will want this one – regardless of the cost really – but when the vehicle line comes into the game, you’ll certainly want some free XP to get yourself cracking!  I understand that the top tier version is rumoured to have a ‘turbo speed’ of 130kph – but that’s yet to be confirmed – can you just imagine the chaos and carnage that will cause?!

See you on the battlefield folks!


Founder of the FILO Community & WG EU CC


  • I’ve added two repair kits to my EBR as well as the upgraded suspension, so I can handle the jumps. I agree with Niki that the best way to play this is to hang back from the enemy. You might be tempted to rush in and get your Scout medal, but the enemy will be expecting you and everyone will hit you at once. What you can do beautifully is hit and run. You zoom in, take the hit points and zoom away before they can respond. Carry plenty of HE as well as tracking shots on the enemy tend to be rewarded when you own Arty engages the targets. It is massive fun and will be a big seller when it comes out. Massive thanks to SaltyJedi for my EBR code.

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