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Once upon a time, there was an ISU-152…….K

POSTED BY Nikita May 23, 2020

Back through the mists of time we find our trusty ISU-152……it has an array of guns available for it and most people end up choosing the BL-10 – because it is, quite simply, awesome!

Then along came a nasty patch troll and took away the BL-10, because it was OP and two fairies complained about its OP-ness and how it is ruining the game for new players – that and HE and arty of course!

But wait, what is this witchcraft???  Low and behold, the magical developers from Minsky Bottom Hollow have cast a spell on the old ISU-152 and added the magical letter *K* – and in a poooooof of smoke, the BL-10a with its 750hp alpha has reappeared!! However, this time, if you want it, you have to cross their rascally palms with silver (or GPB/EUR/PAYPAL).

‘The WG giveth, The WG taketh away – then The WG bringeth back and charge you for the privilege of having what you already had!’

Seriously though – I am confused.  Is this the new meta for the premium shop? WG take away top tier vehicle ‘things’ then re-use the same model as before, put the previously removed top tier items back on and charge you for them – even though you already have the tank – and the gun on the tier 9 version?  I tell you what, I am going to hang on to my cash and wait for the un-nerfed version of the PZ-1C to hit the store as the PZ-1C auf A (for awesome)!!

For those of you who never had the ISU-152 with the BL-10 on, it is an awesome gun on a tier 8 TD – you might want to snatch one up, when it eventually arrives in a premium store near you!  For those of you who already owned this tank with this gun and now are being asked to pay cash to have it again…….perhaps you’ll think twice.  The BL-10 sure is a fun gun at tier 8, especially if you manage to get top tier – but is it worth paying for on a re-hashed tier 8 TD – I personally do not think so.

It is yet another lazy cash grab and to be honest, it is getting a bit boring. I see this as ‘nostalgia marketing’ – where you remind older players of what they used to have and try to get them to want it a second time around, but for cash!

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