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New FILO-X NA Commander named!!

POSTED BY Nikita March 15, 2018

We would kind ask that Drifter316 stand front and centre to receive his promotion to Commander of FILO-X NA!

Drifter316 has been instrumental in supporting Bted72 throughout his term as Commander and with Bted72 now moving on to work for WarGaming, I can think of no better person to replace him. Drifter316 has, in fact already be performing the role since we found out about Bted72’s move to WG – so I thought it was time to make it official.

To help him get through the jobs of Clan Commander, Drifter316 has appointed Joebelle as his Deputy. Most of you will already know Joebelle from his role as Commander of FILO-1 NA.  As that side of FILO continues to grow, Joebelle is able to help Drifter316 look after more of the FILO NA community.

Well done Drifter316 – we wish you every success in your efforts to grow and strengthen the FILO NA Community!!

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