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New FILO Merch store!

POSTED BY Nikita July 15, 2018

As you guys know, for a while now we’ve had a store as part of the website. It’s become pretty obvious to me that with my limited knowledge of online stores and the time I have to keep it up to date and deal with orders, it would be better off left to someone who knows what they are doing!

Some of you will know that we have a great relationship with Lee & Simon (the WoTboys) from Gaming Awards and they have recently set up a new, online store for Community Merchandise called ‘Merch Outlaws’. This is a very polished site that is dealt with by the wonderful team at Gaming Awards who are all more than used to dealing with online shops. What better way to promote and sell our FILO Merch than using this wonderful website.

Very shortly you’ll see that the link to the ‘Clan Shop’ on the main page will take you straight to the Merch Outlaws site where you will be able to buy all things FILO with confidence!

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