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M10 RBFM ‘Les Snickers’

POSTED BY Nikita May 25, 2019

The French tier 5 ‘D-Day’ marathon reward tank – the M10 RBFM or ‘Le Snickers’ as l like to call it!!

M10 RBFM with ‘Siroco’ camoflague

First impressions – played well, it’s pretty damn good – seems to penetrate most opposition (in its own tier) and is good for racking up kills etc – just don’t get hit!  First battle I played – 4 kills, no incoming damage – second game, one-shotted by a Sherman M4 (with the derp) one minute in without even firing a shot!

This TD outperforms all except one of the other T5 TD’s (the 60G FT) in terms of DPM – while the 76mm gun only does 115 average damage with its 130 penetration, its 20 rounds per minute add up to an impressive 2321dpm.  With a gun rammer and Brothers in Arms, you can get that up to 2637 and almost 23RPM!

Mobility is pretty average with a top speed of 48, but once you find cover and a good place to fire from, you’re not going to want to move.  This vehicle needs to be played purely in a support role.  It’s not like the T67 where you can shoot and scoot but played well, it can be just as devastating. 

Its armour isn’t great – 38.1/0/19.1 on the hull and 57.2/25.4/25.4 on the turret – not the best or worst, but coming up against those derp guns, especially above T5 will certainly see you playing short games if you’re spotted!

For a reward tank, I would say this is one you want to try and get, it’s great fun and not expensive to play but hugely rewarding when you have a good game. I’ve heard that someone has 3 MOE’s on it already – which isn’t surprising.  This thing throws rounds at the enemy and it’s great for racking up decent damage with its 54 shells – at T5, MOE’s should be relatively easy to come by until more people complete the marathon.

I think you’ll have a lot of fun in this little tank at tier 5 and as more people earn it (which shouldn’t be too hard, the marathon for this one isn’t difficult really), it might even become as popular as the T67 as the TD of choice in its tier. WG seem to have got the balance just right with this one – there doesn’t seem to be a single thing to complain about – although I’m sure some will try!


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