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LT-432 – Lets get sneaky, sneaky with this new Russian Premium Tier 8 Scout!

POSTED BY Nikita November 14, 2018

I know, I know – another Russian premium Tier 8 tank – I hear ya folks! But just hang on a minute, this is a Tier 8 premium SCOUT tank – yes, you read right, a SCOUT tank!

It’s not very often the WarGaming release something to peak your interest as much as this particular vehicle – but with this one, they even got me interested and I’m no scout tank player – in fact, I pretty much suck at it! However, this one even tries it’s hardest to make me look good!

With superb mobility (top speed of 70km/h, great power to weight of 33.33hp/t and 50.06 °/sec traverse) this tank was created to run riot around the frontlines of any map! Decent gun depression (for a Russian tank at least – 7°) helps you take those hard to hit hull down spots and the 160mm frontal turret armour really lets you take a beating whilst spotting enemies for your Comrades.

The low-profile nature of this vehicle lets you take full advantage of some of the more sneaky scouting spots around some maps where taller scouts would suffer – apart from the Even 90 of course!

Fire power comes in the form of the 85mm D-58 gun which has reasonable penetration (176mm), alpha damage of 180hp and a very good rate of fire, sending a shell downrange every 5 seconds or so – you can get this down to nearly 4 seconds with rammer/vents & BOA. It’s DPM is only really matched by the M41 90 or the M41 Bulldog and apparently, a T-44 Lightweight – which I don’t think I’ve actually seen in game but is in Tanks.GG for comparison purposes! All the other Tier 8 scouts lag behind when it comes to DPM.

Hit point wise, this vehicles 1100hp put it right at the top of the scout pile for it’s Tier – in most cases slightly outperforming most others in the class. However, as the rest of this tanks armour is quite poor, the whole thing appears to be an ammo-rack and it catches fire at the slightest whiff of a penetrating shot – try and steer clear of enemy fire as much as possible!

If you’re more of a passive scout, then this one also ticks all the boxes – camo rating is great and view range with a 100% crew, vents, Brothers-In-Arms & coated optics is 435mtrs on the move, if you go for stationary spotting however and change the optics for binoculars, that increases to a whopping 495mtrs!

All in all, this is a very good Tier 8 scout – one of the best in fact (based on it’s stats). If you want to start your scouting career at a Tier you’re used to, then this could be the tank for you. If you’ve been perfecting your sneaky sneaky scout game for a while – then this one should fit nicely into your collection and prove both a fine addition for you and a huge annoyance to your enemies!

See you on the battlefield folks!

Founder of the FILO Community & WG EU CC

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