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Lansen C – Taking Odin to the battlefield with this Viking beauty!

POSTED BY Nikita March 22, 2019

Shields, swords, axes, a flag and a bloody dragons head on the gun – why wouldn’t you buy this tank?!?!  This tank screams Viking!!

However dressed up and awesome cool looking it might be, deep down it’s like a grown up version of the Lago or Leo – similar styling and I’m guessing a logical progression from those styles.

This tank is great at two things – DPM and concealment!  With a class leading 2400+ DPM, with only the T44-100 coming close, the 105mm tier 9 K L53 gun has average damage of 320 but mediocre penetration of 208mm with standard ammunition (or 242mm with premium APCR).  It’s stock rate of fire (7.73rnds/sec) is what gives this big little gun it’s punchy 2400+ DPM.

Whilst its mobility is average, it does have decent acceleration to its top speed of 50kph and if you can use that to get ahead and find yourself a nice ‘tactical position’, you can use the class leading concealment to sit and wait for your victims to get within range.  However, you might have to rely on your allies spotting the enemy for you as the view range is pretty average for the tier and type at 380mtr stock.

I have to say, the armour on this tank doesn’t really stack up against the fierce Viking heritage to which it pays homage!  I’d probably have a harder time getting through the shield and helmet of an axe wielding Viking berserker than I would this tank.  The armour is pretty bottom end – not quite as bad as the French or Czech tanks, but not quite as good as the British or lighter US mediums. You might want to consider not ‘going yolo’ in this tank as you won’t be forgiven by your enemies – your 1350 hit points will disappear quite quickly should you expose yourself in any way!

I like this tank – it feels more different than it should! I haven’t quite worked out how to play it yet, but I’ve won every battle I’ve been in with it – more through the team than my own personal contribution, I think!  However, I rate this tank highly because of its personality – just looking at it makes me smile – it’s got a dragon on the gun for god’s sake!!  I’m pretty sure you’re taking Odin into battle every time you play this tank!!

Definitely one for the collectors out there!

See you on the battlefield folks!


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