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Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 – Stalk your prey like the big cats!

POSTED BY Nikita October 4, 2018

It’s not very often that WG releases a Premium vehicle that actually does an excellent job of replacing its predecessor, but the Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 certainly is just that!

What’s special about this is that if you have the original KanonenJpg in the garage, you can get the 105 for free by submitting a ticket as shown on the WoT website. Trust me, unless you are an ardent collector of tanks, you really do want to swap out the 90mm version for this 105mm one!

The first thing I noticed about this new version was the speed – it just tears up the maps like a scout tank! However, I have to remember that I’m in a TD with extremely week armour – 30/30/8 – god forbid someone should get around behind me in their Loltractor!! Don’t rush in like a fool – with an achievable camo rating of just over 50% (with consumables etc), this TD is practically invisible until you’re sat on top of it!

Stalk your prey like all expert hunters do – let your scouts and heavy tanks do the spotting – you’re as blind as bat in this TD with only 360mtrs of view range in basic setup. Once the enemy reveals himself to you – then you can pounce! The 105mm Bordkanone L7 is a superb gun with excellent penetration both with standard (268mm) and premium (330mm) ammunition and with it’s potential reload of under 10 seconds, and alpha of 390hp then it can deal some serious damage.

However, be prepared to run – because once you’re spotted, you’ll be dead very quickly if you don’t utilise this vehicles awesome turn of traverse & speed – 45deg/s turning and up to 70kph! Get out fast, find a new spot to stalk from and get back into the fight!

There is a lot to like about this TD – it’s going to be awesome when Frontlines returns and it even comes with an exclusive paint job, the ‘Black Panther’ camo – which truly reflects it’s status as a big cat on the hunt! You really do want this one if you don’t already have the old version – and if you do, then this is a ‘no-brainer’ in terms of upgrades – get that ticket submitted straight away and start enjoying this fantastic TD today!

See you on the battlefield folks!

Founder of the FILO Community & WG EU CC

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