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‘Kampf’Panzer 50t – it’s quite butch actually!!

POSTED BY Nikita April 1, 2020

While the name suggests you might see this mincing around the battlefield shouting ‘I’m Free’ like Mr Humphries from ‘Are you Being Served?’ – the famous 1970’s British ‘camp’ comedy show, this thing is far more like the ferocious Mrs Slocombe, who constantly complained about having problems looking after her pussy – feeding it etc, before you get any ideas and I get any complaints!!

However, this vehicle will again only be seen by the elite few as it’s a reward tank for Ranked Battles 2019-2020, of which Season 3 is currently under way. Don’t get too excited at the prospect of ever owning one unless it ends up in the store as part of a package or maybe on sale or auction for bonds.  There are currently only 613 players in the Golden League and you have to be in that league for all three seasons to get enough tokens to win the tank…….good luck with that!

Anyway, on to the tank itself.  Again, it’s hard to say what this tank is good at – hull down sniping from mid-range probably.  Let’s start with the armour.  Compared to its peers, the KampfPanzer 50t is pretty bouncy – with 120/40/20 hull and 250/40/30 turret and 1750 hitpoints, frontally at least, you’re pretty well covered.  From any other angles, Pz1C’s are having a field day!

Mobility wise, I want to say it’s pretty nippy, but to be honest, while it has a top speed of 60, and a 900hp Maybach engine, lugging that 50 ton carcass around really takes it toll. Add that to standard ground resistances and almost the worst traverse speeds in the class, you really just want to get where you’re going and stay there!

On to the gun – the 10.5cm Rheinmetall V1.  10.5’s are pretty standard fayre on German mediums, in fact, they are probably one of the most common calibres of gun amongst T9 and T10 meds.  The rate of fire (7.45 seconds stock) and pretty low alpha of 320hp gives this tank a pretty average DPM of 2383hp stock – which can be improved with modules etc to 2900hp and if you allow your crew to munch chocolate during battle! The penetration of 268mm for standard ammo is very good, just shy of the Leopard PTA and similar to the Centurion 7/1, which both have similar 10.5cm guns. In terms of accuracy, the gun handling is again, pretty similar to the Leopard PTA with aim time of 1.92 seconds and dispersion of 0.32 – but these can be greatly improved with equipment etc to 1.60 and 0.29 respectively.

All in all, this isn’t a bad tank – it’s at the very best a paper tank, like a lot of these new ones are – and I’m not sure what gap it fills, since they buffed the Leopard PTA? It has a lot better armour and frontally, it’s a beast, but again, like with any well armoured tank at these tiers, everyone will shoot ‘special’ rounds at you, removing most of the effectiveness of the added armour.  Long range snipey support vehicle – hull down-ish as long as you don’t need masses of gun depression? I would say, ‘you be the judge’ – but most of you will never own one, so I wouldn’t worry about it!!

‘I’m free!’

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