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I thought II meant 2 – but now it means 1 again? The Object 777 II (with one gun!!)

POSTED BY Nikita March 8, 2020

I’m completely confused by WG’s random naming protocols.  We had single barrelled tanks which had a version II – but then we had double barrelled tanks which were then the version II’s, now we have a Tier 9 Russian ‘heavy’ (medium) tank that is a version II but only has one gun?  What the hell is going on!?!?

To be honest, I’m really not sure we needed another Russian tank in the game – but this heavy doesn’t really excel at anything. It’s neither fast, well armoured nor does it have a great gun – it just plays like a ‘heavy’ medium tank in my opinion.

The armour isn’t exceptional, with everything except the T-10 being better. With 132mm on the hull and 258mm on the turret, you’re not really going to bounce much as the use of ‘special’ ammo at these higher tiers is well known.  In the games I’ve played so far, everything at tier 9 pens you without trouble and the ‘special’ ammo doesn’t struggle at all, angled or otherwise. You could try getting hull down – but as we know, maps aren’t really designed for that kind of play any more – so good luck with that!

It’s reasonably quick for a heavy tank, with a top speed of 40kph and its ground resistances aren’t bad either with only a couple of the other heavies beating it in this category. It’s also pretty slow of the mark as it’s power to weight is pretty poor due to the low horsepower of the engine.

The gun is mediocre at best. It’s a standard issue Russian 122mm – the M62-T2 – which has decent alpha at 440hp with 258mm pen.  The reload is slightly below some of the other heavies at just over 13 seconds – giving you a DPM of under 2000 without modifiers. This is again, below average, especially for a tier 9 ‘heavy’ tank. Aim time is usually Russian at 2.78 and this dispersion on this particular gun is worse than all of its peers (except the Object 752 – who’s got one of those!?).

All in all, this tank really isn’t exceptional in any way.  It’s just too heavy to play well as a medium, but just doesn’t have the stopping power or armour to perform well as a true heavy tank.  Hull down, middle of the map support role maybe – but don’t push in it, because you just won’t win that fight!  Just make sure you aim before you fire – but hey, you could always just rely on the power of Stalin to guide your shells!!

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