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HWK30 – This baby predator likes its prey to see it coming!

POSTED BY Nikita March 22, 2019

So, we introduce the new Tier 8 premium scout – the HWK 30!

Again, I have to preface this review by admitting that I don’t like scout tanks and don’t play them particularly well – but that’s not to say that this tank isn’t fun and that you won’t enjoy playing it!

Let’s start with firepower – The HWK 30 has a 90mm DM1M gun which packs a hefty punch – 187mm standard penetration (250mm with HEAT) and damage of 240. With a reload of just over 6 seconds, this gives the HWK 30 one of the highest DPM’s of all the tier 8 scout tanks.

It’s pretty nimble too! While it can’t compete with the speeds of the new wheeled vehicles, it’s more than capable of keeping up with its true tank buddies – on a par with the LT-432 in terms of its 70kph top speed.

While the wheeled vehicles are almost blind, the HWK 30 boasts one of the highest base view ranges in its class – with 461mtrs – comparable with its German stable mate, the HWK 12 but outclassing most other scouts at this tier.  Its concealment values are quite low though – one of the lowest in fact – so don’t expect to be lying in wait for your enemies, this is more of an active scout – so be prepared to use your speed and view range to spot and run!!

Try not to get shot too much though as this tank can’t really take much of a beating! By far inferior to the heavily armoured LT-432, this tanks protection is less than a B-C 12t! Even the Bulldog has better turret armour than the HWK 30! 

Sorry it’s a short review – but scout tanks – meh! If you like fast, active scouting using a vehicle that doesn’t have to get up too close and personal with the enemy to be effective, then the HWK 30 could be the scout for you.  It certainly gives the LT-432 a run for its money in terms of firepower and mobility but won’t survive as long if you over estimate your scouting skills!  Find yourself a French tank to hide behind, it’s probably got better armour!

See you on the battlefield folks!


Founder of the FILO Community & WG EU CC

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