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FILO Celebrates it’s 7th Birthday – 14th/15th April

POSTED BY Nikita April 12, 2018

Watch out this weekend because FILO turns 7 years old!!  Hot on the heels of World of Tanks, FILO’s official birthday is actually the 18th April – but we couldn’t wait to share it with you guys!  We’re planning a ‘streamathon’ which should take us from around 10am (UK time) on Saturday right through until at least 10am on Sunday!!

The streams will be from both our EU and NA members and we’re hoping to have two hour slots with a giveaway in each stream. Prizes are to be confirmed but there should be some nice World of Tanks related stuff along with a few FILO coins, pin badges and maybe even some personalised mugs!!

We’re hoping to have a few ‘special guests’ – Community Contributors, favourite streamers and maybe even a couple of folks from WG themselves!

So, cancel you plans and come get involved in the FILO Birthday Streamathon this weekend!


  • Happy Birthday FILO Enjoyed what I have got of it, from where I was, and the way it was, and is. Love the community and the way we all simply just stick and stay together

  • It was a glorious weekend, that went on way longer then 24 hours in the end as people just kept streaming and raiding. Well done to all.

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