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Christmas Ops 2019 – Loot boxes!

POSTED BY Nikita December 14, 2019

So, it’s that time of year again and the Holiday Ops are upon us!

Last year saw quite a bit of controversy over the loot crates and I think we did a fair job of dispelling the accusations of ‘gambling’ that were flying around. If you stand no chance of loosing your money, you are not gambling (by definition). What I would say though, is that you might be tempted to keep spending until you get the premium vehicle you’re hoping for as the drops are quite random.  Myself, I paid for 46 crates and received all of the Premium tanks. In the 200x crates from WG for this review, it took me 130 to get all of them.  My advice – just be sensible about it – set yourself a spend limit and stick to it.

In keeping with that first Holiday Ops article, I thought it would be a nice idea to do it again – to show just what you get in the crates and whether or not I still think that they are value for money or not!

You can buy four types of large loot box, as shown above – Magic, Lunar, Christmas and New Year. All of them give the same rewards but have different ‘styles’ of decorations in which help to complete your ‘sticker books’ for the free camo’s.

Inside each large loot box you’ll receive, as a minimum, 250 gold, a level 5 decoration and 1 more decoration randomly from the relevant collection. There is also a chance that each large box will drop the following:-  1, 3 or 7 days of Premium time, 100k or 500k credits, additional gold of 250, 500 or 1000, one of four Tier 8 Premium tanks or one of five ‘Collectors Gems’ rare vehicles.  There are also 3D skins for various Tier 10 vehicles.  Just to note, if you receive one of the vehicles more than once, you’ll receive compensation in the form of gold for it instead.

So, how did I do this year then?  Well, I worked out that the 200 large boxes would have a cost price of £247.96 if you bought them and they had a discount in between 25 and 75 packs of say 27.5% – and this is our baseline figure.  I’ve given monetary values to everything – gold, credits, prem days, prem vehicles and garage slots.  Most things can be turned into gold and gold has a definite value, so that’s fairly easy.  However, for the Tier 8 Premium tanks, and ‘collectors Gem’ tanks, I’ve only used the basic Tier cost of a Premium vehicle from the store – even though we know that those vehicles are normally in a very expensive bundle!!   For credits, I’ve based the value on the Fort Knox package which works out at approx. £3.83 per million credits.

I’ve broken down the packs of 50 showing what value they each achieved to offer you a very loose recommendation on which boxes offer the best value – however, remember that drops are random and there is no guarantee that you will see the same return as me on your boxes – the choice remains yours!!

For me, the Lunar boxes came out on top purely because that’s where I picked up the Object 703 II – but without that tank being in there, the New Year boxes seemed to have way more duplicate vehicles in than the others.

As you can see from the final totals – I did extremely well this year!  With all of the standard gold prizes and the compensation from duplicates, I picked up a whapping 142,850 gold!  That’s along with 8.2mil credits, 136 days of premium time and 34 garage slots.  That’s as well as both new Premium Tier 8 tanks at least once.   Value wise, for our initial investment of £247.96, we saw a return value of £543.61!!!

If, like me, you might spend £20-30 per month on WoT – maybe more – and we know that loot boxes are coming at Christmas, I’d be hugely tempted to save up that money throughout the year and dump it into the loot boxes!  You get more than double your money’s worth out of them and can almost stock up your credits, gold reserves and premium account for the whole year!!

Remember though – please be responsible about spending money on in game merchandise – never spend more than you can afford – set yourself a limit and stick to it.

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