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Christmas in World of Tanks

POSTED BY Nikita December 10, 2018

So, I was thinking about all of this furore over these loot boxes – the dived opinion and gambling and so on – but how about War Gaming did something ever so slightly different, taking into account QB’s latest commentary on the game?

I guess a lot of games around this time of year generate a lot of their income with ‘Christmas’ related sales of in game merchandise and physical merchandise – why would War Gaming be any different?

If they did away with the ‘pay to win’ tanks side of it and concentrated on the cosmetic side and perhaps upped the game on actual physical merchandise – then I’m sure that the same people using this as a time to get ‘better tanks’ would still spend money on their ‘hobby’ – just getting skins and ‘stocking fillers’ for friends to put under the tree etc?

However cheated you think people might feel – especially around this time of year, people love to ‘treat’ themselves. So rather than spend money just on basic items from the Premium Shop, why not let people spend it on some ‘boxes’ which guarantee to give more than the moneys worth to start with and perhaps a little extra chance to get something special?

You know what would impress people at this time of year – when everyone is on holiday and has extra time to play – Christmas Frontlines! Just imagine the increase in players numbers over the holiday period if they had such an event!?  Tier 8 carnage that everyone clearly loved – with loads of credit grinding, and loot boxes giving little ‘extras’ to help with that Frontline gameplay – perhaps even loot boxes as rewards for grinding up the levels?

What do you guys think?  Take a look at the video below for this years Christmas offering from World of Tanks.

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