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Christmas Boxes – my thoughts

POSTED BY Nikita December 14, 2018

So, I guess there has been a little bit of controversy over these Christmas boxes again – people saying it’s gambling and shouldn’t be encouraged etc, others (like me) saying it’s a bit of fun and at this time of year, us tank folks like to treat ourselves to some tank related goodies, so why not get yourself some boxes for a chance to win something nice?

You may be interested to read the following – a little bit of analysis I’ve done over 200 boxes (195 actually as I’m going to open the final 5 on stream over the weekend hopefully!) 50 boxes of each type (the 4 different festive types) – and here’s what I got.

131 premium days
27 garage slots
8.9 mil credits
67,250 gold (+72,990 for tanks I already had)
Skins – Grille 15, IS-7, T57, BC25T
Simon Claus 
5 x Turan 3
10 x M4 Improved
1 x Defender
2 x E25
7 x KV220-2
1 x IS-3A
1 x Skorp G
– plus what ever is in the last 5 crates. (Oh, and level 10 Festive Bonus with 2 complete sets of stickers – Lunar NY & Christmas + extra camo’s etc)

I also did a bit of work on the values (yes, at this time of night it’s extremely SAD!!) to let you see just how it works out – the old ‘bang per buck’ and to see if I could prove you get more than the value back of what you spend. Here’s the results.

The value of the 200 boxes if bought through the gift shop would be £239.52 (if you buy 2 x 75 & 2 x 25 of one type to get your 200) – the gold itself is worth £191.40 and the premium time £39.86 – not sure on the cost of 8.9mil credits? – 22 x Tier 5 premium tanks (current store price on Tier 5’s is £6.29) £138.38, the E25’s and 3 x Tier 8 would have been bundled but I’m guessing around £35 each for the tanks only so that’s another £175.00 – total tank value at store prices £313.38.  (If you look at the value of the gold you get as compensation for these tanks – 72,990 – the value of that is actually only £206.77 – so in real terms, you get a lot less value for money – you should be getting around 110,500 gold I believe which would give you the £313 value at current store prices.

So, the approx value of the ‘loot’ from the boxes is £544.64 – so I guess when you add in the value of the 8.9mil credits (lets add in the conversion price from gold to credits in game – 22,250 more gold – £64.07) – total value of the 195 boxes I’ve opened would be approx £608.71 (or £502.10 if you take the gold equivalent value for duplicate tanks)  – still incredible value if you consider the £239.52 purchase price of the boxes.

I’m sure not everyone will have the same ‘luck’ I guess – but I opened them in batches of 50 – each of the 4 types – and in terms of credits, gold and premium days, they where very similar (surprisingly so!) – the only difference was the premium tanks – 2 of the 50 sets had only 4 (4 x T5) & 5 (4 x T5 + 1 x T8) respectively – which out of 50 boxes is quite low – a 10% premium tank reward – the other two 50 sets had 9 premium tanks each (1 x E25 + 1 x T8 + 7 x T5) nearly 20% premium tank reward.

All in all, I still think that these boxes are actually good value and a little bit of Christmas fun. Let’s face it, we’re spending money on the game anyway – so why not? Many of us have spent way more the £240 on stuff for this game – and if we received £600 worth of in game loot for every £240 we spent, I think we’d all be very happy with that – don’t you?

Happy Christmas Tankers – may your stockings always be full of surprises!!

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