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Bretagne Panther – ‘The French Pudel’

POSTED BY Nikita August 3, 2019

Well, here we have another German tank captured by the French – although, controversially, I’m not sure in which part of the war the French were capturing anything! From what I’ve read, it was in 1944 after the D-Day landings – some of these were captured and apparently ended up being used for longer than the Germans used them!

Surprisingly, I don’t need any ‘first impressions’ for this great new tank – because it simply isn’t new.  The reason I’m calling it the ‘French Pudel’ is because it’s exactly that – the Polish Tier 6 premium ‘Panther’ but with a different skin – to match the one shown at the Tank Museum.  From what I’ve seen, almost every statistic is the same, gun, armour, power, camo etc.

Now I have to admit, I played this tank without (at first) knowing it was just a re-skin – and I have to say, I was completely drawn in by it. Having never really played the Pudel, I didn’t have a lot to compare it to – but this version seemed to be great, good mobility, great gun (at its own tier) and a really good rate of fire. 

However, I have to say that I was a little disappointed when I played some games with Slimez40K and he brought out his Pudel.  We sat waiting for the timer to count down and I said to him, ‘hey, these look really similar’ – so we set about comparing the stats – and they are identical in almost every way! So, everyone seeing it for the first time was like, ‘oooo, what’s a Bret. Panther’ and I’m saying nothing – because the excitement I had at getting this new tank had just gone away.

Don’t get me wrong, at Tier 6, it’s great – but anything above, it just can’t hold its own – especially when it gets in Tier 8 games.  The other stupid thing it – this is essentially a Panther – which in the game is a Tier 7 – the Panther M10 is a Tier 7 – so why are the Bret. Panther and the Pudel Tier 6?

The armour modle is almost identical to the Pudel – there are some small tweaks but I couldn’t find the correct model for this French version. Let’s just say, it’s almost identical to the Pudel!

This thing will no doubt be for sale during the Tankfest event, like the Tiger 131 was last year. Expect it to be around £15/€17.50 or approximately 4,000 gold (if sold in game). It’s not a bad price for the tank if you don’t have the Pudel – but if you do, you just have to ask yourself if you want the ‘French Pudel’ to add to your collection?

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