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FILO Founder Nikita becomes a Community Contributor for WG EU

POSTED BY Nikita March 27, 2018

As most of you will now be aware, the Founder of the FILO Community, Nikita, announced last night that he had been made a Community Contributor by WG EU.

This is great news for yet another member of FILO and Nikita had this to say, ‘I’ve been working towards getting not only my Community but all Communities higher on  the radar of WarGaming for some time now. With a little help from some friends in other Communities and with the good grace of the folks at WG EU, I have now been given the opportunity to do this by working as part of the CC team.  This means great things not only for FILO, but for all other Communities in the wider WG sphere.’  He added, ‘Of course, none of this would have been possible without the members of FILO from all around the world – without them, there is no Community and I thank them all for being an integral part of our success!’

FILO will be celebrating their 7th Birthday on the 18th April and now, both this and Tankfest will have an extra special meaning this year.  Onwards and upwards!!



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