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Battle Pass – reward Camo’s

POSTED BY Nikita March 31, 2020

So, Wargaming currently has another event running called, ‘Battle Pass’ – basically a way for you to rack up points towards rewards – either standard versions or gold funded Improved ones.

As part of reaching the top level, 45, you can get two new 3D skins – one for the Object 277 called ‘fluffy’ (for some unknown reason!) and the other for your Super Conqueror called ‘Sentry’.

As with all 3D skins, they just pretty up your stock tank, adding extra guns, camo nets, fuel cans, spare wheels and all sorts of other extra details. If you’re bored of the stock camo’s you get for gold or credits, these are easy enough to pop on your tanks, just click through the exterior button like you would to apply normal camo’s.

Battle Pass is great for grabbing lots of free stuff – you’re playing anyway so why not see how many points you can rack up towards level 45 and then on with the improved missions up to level 100.  You can turn the rewards up a notch by buying the ‘Premium’ version for gold.

Enjoy some screenshots below – Fluffy and Sentry – both stock with no camo and then with the new 3D styles applied – enjoy, it’s for free!!

Object 277 – ‘Fluffy’ style

Super Conqueror – ‘Sentry’ style

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