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BatChat to the Futur – the Char Futur 4

POSTED BY Nikita March 8, 2020

So, here we have the first of the new Frontlines / Steel Hunters rewards tanks, the Char Futur 4 – a Tier 9 French medium.

At first glance, you’d be mistaken for thinking it’s like all of the other tracked French lights and mediums – actually, you’d be right, it’s exactly the same! Lightly armoured, pretty quick off the mark and with a decent gun – however, this one has one slight disadvantage – it’s magazine reloads at the same speed as an arty!!

As I said previously, the armour on this thing is typically French, with only 55mm frontally and 140mm on the turret – anything at tiers 3+ can pen it – I set it on fire repeatedly with a Pz1C in the engine deck – and whilst playing a random battle, got hit for 949hp of damage by an Object 704 firing HE! What I’m saying is – stay away from everything! Hide, snipe, be invisible (if the game mechanics will let you!) – this ain’t no frontline tank – it’s decidedly something to camp in.

Mobility – well, you won’t really be using this unless it’s to run away from the approaching enemy tanks and with a top speed of 60kph and relatively good ground resistance, at least this aspect of your game play will be pretty good – you’ll be able to run away like a pro!

Now then, the gun. The gun itself isn’t bad – the 105mm D.1504-4-1 – with 390 alpha and standard penetration of 264 – it stacks up well for a tier 9 medium.  Aim time and dispersion are also okay – but the reload – dear lord, it’s a joke!  This gun comes complete with a 4-shot clip – with each shot taking 4 seconds to reload – but here comes the killer – the magazine takes nearly 40 seconds to reload!  You can get it down to around 37 with vents, BIA etc – but only those tanks with the 6-shot clip come anywhere near this reload time. This gives you an appalling DPM of just over 1800 for a tier 9 medium.

Why they chose to do this to what is otherwise quite a nimble little tank – a little like a beefed up BatChat 25t AP – I will never know – but for me, the reload on a 4-shot slip is a killer. If it had been a 6-shot,  then maybe – or perhaps 30-34sec reload for the magazine, like the other 4-shot French tanks, then fair enough – but it’s like they’ve given it the worst of both worlds, small mag, long reload – no thanks WG!These tanks aren’t for me really – although I’ve had a couple of nice games in it, I wouldn’t be putting my hard-earned Frontlines or Steel Hunters points towards it – unless I felt I must have it for my collection

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