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AE Phase I – A reason to play Frontlines!

POSTED BY Nikita March 8, 2020

So, I’m a little biased because I really like this tank.  I had it once before (and I know some of you have it already too) but never got around to doing the review – which was a shame as it’s great! Also, I couldn’t be bothered with Frontlines so never actually got the tank in the garage permanently!  Lazy boy!!

For a heavy tank, this thing is pretty nimble – it has a great power to weight ratio which means it seems to reach it’s 35kph top speed very quickly. It’s also got reasonable ground resistances which helps on most terrains.

The confusing thing about this heavy tank is its terrible hull armour – at just 120mm frontally it’s one of the weakest at this tier and even angled, nothing has much trouble getting through – so hide that lower plate! The turret is better, at least frontally, with 292mm being one of the best in class – so if you can hide the hull, the turret armour should keep you in the fire for longer. The AE Phase I comes stacked with 1800 hit points – slightly lower than its peers, but still able to stay in the fight.

Now on to the gun – the 120mm M58A – which is where this tank gets pretty damn good! It boasts one of the better DMP’s in this tier due to the fast reload time of 10.55 seconds – stock. You can get the DPM up to around 2671 and the reload down to 8.99 seconds with vents, rammer and BIA – which for a tier 9 heavy, is pretty damn good! It doesn’t even matter that the alpha is less than most of its peers at only 400hp – the rate of fire by far makes up for that!!  Aim time isn’t bad either at 2.4 and the dispersion is good too – especially on the move – making it one of the more accurate guns in the game.

It’s highly likely that I’m going to try and persevere with Frontlines and Steel Hunter this time around – normally, after a few battles it just wears me down and I have to turn the PC off for fear of either having some kind of breakdown or getting so angry, blood vessels in my neck might pop! However, I’ve taken up meditation and intend to surround myself with calming influences in order that I might grab myself one of these AE Phase I tanks ‘officially’! That way I can actually play it regularly – rather than waiting for WG to give us a time limited rental for ‘content’ purposes.  Go on, you know you want one too!!

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