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85+150+3485 = 244? Let’s do Soviet Maths!

POSTED BY Nikita November 23, 2019

So, as you can see, the Soviets don’t appear to be great a maths – but they are great at building tanks!  If you take the best (and worst!) bits of the KV85, T-150 and T-35-85M and roll them all into one, you get the Object 244 – et voila, that maths works!!

Right off the bat, I’m going to say ‘BUY THIS’ – for the price of the basic package, you’d be stupid not to add it to your collection.

Whether you’re a medium or a heavy player, at Tier 6, this vehicle really holds its own. Whilst it might not have the 122mm or 107mm guns of it’s ‘heavy’ comrades, the slightly longer 85mm is carries gives it really good DPM vs those other heavy tanks – rounding out at 1976DPM which can be boosted with skills and perks.  You get the same penetration and damage stats as the T-34-85 variants with a rate of fire only just lower the the T-34-85M. 

Gun handling is superb though, with only it’s elevation and depression letting it down – and it’s the weakest of all its comrades in that respect with only 15deg elevation and 5deg of depression!  Shooting on the move in this vehicle is one of its best features with even better stats the then T-34-85M.

Now I have to admit, that even the best vehicles in this game are let down by one thing or another – and this one loses out on mobility.  Basically, you’ve taken a medium tank chassis, beefed up the armour but not bothered to replace the engine with something more powerful!  It has a decent top speed of 42kph, but it takes an age to get there and should you hit any kind up incline, you’ll slow to a crawl really quickly.  Just take that into account when trying to find your perfect spot on the field of battle.

As I mentioned above, this ‘heavy medium’ tank has had its armour increased well beyond both it’s heavy and medium comrades, with only the T-150 having a tiny bit more overall turret armour. The hull armour is at least 50mm thicker at the front and sides than the KV85 & T34 variants.  This means that if you do choose to go head-to-head with you foes in the field, you stand a good chance not only of out DPM’ing them, but also of bouncing them – until they realise and switch to ‘special ammo’ – which then, like any other well armoured tank in the game, is rendered useless!

Overall, this is a great Tier 6 addition to the Soviet line – and as I said at the top of the article, the price means you’d be silly not to add one to the garage.  I know it’s ‘another premium tank’ – but seriously, this is a gem and you really do want one! Oh…..and in answer to the original question – 85+150+3485=  yes, it really does equal the Object 244!!


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